Franklin Park

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Concrete Specialties

Base Sections

Box Inlets

Box Risers

Concentric Cone Tops

Eccentric Cone Tops

Flat Top Sections

Riser Sections

Concrete Specialties
Superior Quality

Poured monolithic self-compacting concrete manufacture means no joints and a high quality finish across the whole system, not just the base units.


Optimum Safety on-Site

All elements of the manhole system are fitted with four lifting pins for safer installation, and all manhole elements can be supplied with steps.


Rapid Installation

The square, straight-surfaced design allows for economical manhole sizes and makes connecting pipes and appliances easier.


100% Water Tight

Joints are tested up to 10m of water pressure, and pipe connections pre-assembled at factory to allow straight forward push fit connection on site.


Choice of Configurations

Our cover slabs have standard clear opening size but can be adopted to suit specific sizes, either centrally or eccentrically positioned.


Lighter and Greener

Standard C40/50 self-compacting concrete optimizes the raw materials and makes these around 20% lighter than traditional circular manholes.


Angled Option

While most manholes have a straight-through configuration, if necessary our manhole systems can be fitted with angled units.


A Proven Solution

Our manhole system has a proven track record for sustainability and rapid, easy installation stretching back over 24 years.